• :


ææ ʻæ æ ææ,
ææ ææ,
, æ, æ æææ,
æ æ, ææ — æ.

, ææ, æ æ
æ æ æ, æ,
æ æ,
, æ æ.

ææ, ææ,
æææ ,
æ, ææææ, æ
ææ æ æ .

æ æ ʻ ææ:
, æ — æ.
æ æ — ,
æ æ, æ æ æ.

æ æ,
‘ æ æ ,
« æ æ », —  æ æ.
– æ æ.

æ æææ æ æ,
æ , æ – ,
æ ‘æ « æ»
‘æ æ , !

— æ ææ æ,
ææ ææ ææ,
æ ææ
Ææ æææ ææ.

æ æ , ææ,
æææ — ææ ææ ,
, æ, æææ, ææ
‘ææ æ ææ, .

, ææ, æ æææ,
, æ ææ,
æ ʻææ
, , ææ.

æ , æ,
æ ææ ʻæ , ææ
æ ʻæ æ
‘ææææ æ æ.

Æ ææ ææ
ææ æ æ.
ææ ‘ ,
æ æ ææ ‘æ.

ææ ææ æ,
æ, æ, ææ,
æ æ ææ.

æ æ æ æ ,
ææ ʻ ææ, æ, —
Ææ æ æ ,
ææ æ .

ææ æ ‘æ ææ
æ, æææ; ææ ʻæ
Ææ ææ, ææ ææ.

ææ æ æ… ææ æ ææ
‘æ æ ææ?
ææ ʻæ æ ææ,
æ æ, ææ — æ.



Christ said, "Blessed are the poor; / the blind, the lame, the beggars are fortunate; / for I will take them to my home above the stars, / I will make them Knights of Heaven, / they will be the most glorified of the glorified..." / All right, suppose it's true: all right! But / ...

The Eternal

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Prelude to Tent

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The Sahara

All deserts are one tribe, from the beginning / of time, but Arabia, Syria, Gobi - / they're only ripples of the vast Sahara / wave that roared its satanic spite. / / The Red Sea heaves, and the Persian Gulf, / and Pamir stands thick with snow, / but Sahara's sand-floods / run strai...


And the king declared to his general, "Mighty one, / you're as tall as an elephant in our forests, / but not as tall as the triumphant heap / of heads you've cut off. / / "And your courage, O well-tested warrior, / is endless, but so is my kindness. / Observe the sun above t...


I remember that night, that place, / the moon so low in the sky. / / And I remember how I could not look away / from its golden path. / / How light, there. And birds sing. / And flowers bloom above pools, / / And there on the moon no one hears the roaring of lions / filling ev...