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From where I came is quite beyond me…
Nor do I know for where I’m bound,
When blazing with the flush of victory
I’m in my sparkling garden found.

And when I’ve had my fill of beauty,
And bored become of roses’ touch,
And when my spirit baulks at duty,
When daydreams have become too much,

It’s then I live like shadows’ capers
In final hour of patient’s day,
Held captive by mysterious vapours
And crimson goblet’s blazing play.

The world it opens all before me –
Both shaded night and glaring sun,
And in victorious ether’s story
The gentle planets’ jig’s begun.

I seek not patient’s intuition,
The why or how I’ve come like this;
I know I saw a spark’s ignition
When star with star exchanged a kiss.

I know the place was filled with singing
Before the ground of beauty’s throne,
When interwoven vision’s springing
Where white and holy blooms have grown.

In marvels faith I hold with passion,
And having then horizon grasped,
I will thus in some sort of fashion
Contrive on all my dreams to cast.

Immortal and with mighty power,
And quite in love with beauty’s whelm.
Harmonious rainbow now will flower
Above eternal chasm’s realm.

Другие переводы:

  • Немецкий
    Ирмгард Вилле
  • Польский
    Тадеуш Рубникович
  • Словацкий
    Ян Квапил
  • Монгольский
    Онон Чинбаяр

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