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To Her Imperial Highness, The Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna On her birthday

Её Императорскому Высочеству великой княжне Анастасии Николаевне ко дню рождения

Today is Anastasia’s day
And we hope, that through us,
The love and affection of all of Russia
Will come and you’ll be blessed.

We congratulate you with joy,
the best way we can see,
To put down welcoming verses,
and our signatures most humbly.

Forget about the day before,
When we were in the battle’s heat,
In our hearts the 5th of June,
We celebrate your feast.

We credit our new hostess
For our hearts so full and gay,
Recalling our encounters,
In the Palace at Tsarskoe.
Poem in honour of Anastasia’s birthday, given her by Ensign Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev of the 5th Hussar Regiment, infirm at the time in the Catherine Palace hospital and signed by 16 other wounded soldiers [translation of the poem from the Russian is rough artistic interpretation to retain a rhyme scheme, but the meaning is the same].

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