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The Octave


No whisper of a midnight distance,
Nor when a mother sang a tune —
We've never understood an instance,
Which's worth being better understood.
The symbol of the Father's greatness —
A kind of gracious advice —
To you, the Poet, is presented:
Your tongue is tied, your speech is high.

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All of us - righteous and sinners, / Born in prison, raised at the altar, / All of us are funny actors / In the theater of the Creator. / / The Lord sits on His throne, / Merrily follows the show. / Brightly on His sumptuous gown / Sparkles and golden stars glow. / / Oh, how ea...

Porcelain pavilion

Amidst the waters of a man-made lake, / A porcelain pavilion rises high. / The way to it is lead by jasper bridge / That's cambered like a tiger's back. / / And that pavilion houses friends tonight, / They are attired for the holidays; / The dragon patterns on their chalices, /...

Moon over the sea

The moon relinquished sharp-edge cliffs at sea line, / And with transparent gold: the waters shine; / On board of their pointed boat, this evening / The friends enjoy their heated glass of wine. / / When looking at the clouds passing swiftly / Through the reflection of the moonligh...

The reflection of mountains

How happy my heart is, how buoyant, / On my boat so tiny and light, / I am sailing the ripples and light / All day long and from dusk till the dawning. / / Love to watch the reflection of cliffs / On the surface of transparent seas. / Like a beast's heart - mine pounded loud, / Ther...


How tranquil is this little mountain lake / It's filled with water like a cup / Bamboo looks just like little houses / And trees above - a sea of roofs. / / Yet cliffs are sharp, encroached like pagodas / Among the flowers they rise / Eternal nature always learns from us - / ...

The road

I stared at the unfolding road, / Beneath the shadow of grand oaks, - / Such a familiar old road, / Surrounded by flower fence. / / The evening fog starts slowly setting, / Uneasy sadness brings me tears, / When every pebble on this road / Seems so familiar and dear. / / ...