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Ја што могох бити најлепша поема...

Я, что мог быть лучшей из поэм…

Ја што могох бити најлепша поема,
Виолина звонка или ружа бела,
Учиних да горег на том свету нема,
Живим ево без среће и дела.

Често ми је и тешко и болно,
Само чак и бол тако чудна,
Није трка на ватреном коњу,
Већ смарање, тлапња узалудна.

У животу ништа не поимам,
Само шапћем :»Није страшно, није,
Беше горе Богу што га имам
А Богородици и много болније».

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Young girls

Girls are enchanted by rupee's tails / They bear an image of firebirds; / The girls leave behind their parents' home, / Follow the Frenchmen obediently.

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Dear girl, your cheeks are soft and tender, / And your breasts, like little hills, are slender, / / Fall in love with me and from this instance / We will never live apart in distance. / / My piragua, we will board together, / And the wind will set our sail untethered. / / ...


Beautiful lassies, we are you now? / You who don't answer me anymore / You who forgot all about me; / Left me behind - now my weakened voice / Wakes up the echo in vain. / / Have you been eaten by angry beasts? / Or by your lovers you're being kept? / Go on, answer me dearest...

The Giraffe

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