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The Leopard


If you don't immediately singe the whiskers off n killed
leopard, its spirit will persecute the hunter.
Abyssinian Lore

The leopard I killed
is up to witc hcraft
and sorcery in my room
in the deep silence of the nights.
People come in and go away,
last of all she goes away
for whom the golden darkness
wanders in my veins.
It's late. The mice have squeaked,
the house spirit has coughed
and the leopard I killed
purrs beside my bed.
'A grey-blue mist floats
over the ravines of Dobrobran,
the sun, red as a wound,
floods Dobrobran with light.
The wind chases lo the easl
the smell of honey and verbena
and the hyenas roar and roar
and bury their noses in the sand.
My brother, my enemy, do you hear
the roars? Sense the smell, see the smoke?
Why then do you breathe
this moist air?
No, my murderer,
you must die in my country
so that I can he horn again
into the family of leopards.'
Will I really catch before dawn
his crafty call?
Ah, I did not listen to the advice.
I did not singe his whiskers.
It's too late. The enemy power
has overcome and is close:
suddenly the back of my neck is crushed
as though by a bronze hand.
Palms... A terrifying flame from the sky
burns the sands' watering hole.
The Danakil has fallen on a rock
with his flaming spear.
He does not know, does not ask
why my soul is proud,
he just abandons this soul
not knowing where.
I cannot fight back,
I am calm, I stand up.
I will finish my life
by the giraffes' well.

Другие переводы:

  • Английский
    Руперт Мортон
    The Leopard
  • Дон Магер
  • Испанский
    Ксения Дьяконова, Хосе Матео
    El leopardo
  • Украинский
    Ганна Яновская

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