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Don Juan (Rhyming)


This dream of mine is arrogant and plain:
To grasp the oar, to jump into the races,
To swindle sluggish time by switching faces,
Caressing lips that never are the same;

And in old age adopt Christ's legacy:
Debase my head and sprinkle it with ashes
And hold salvation's burden as it crushes
My heaving chest that twists in agony;

And only at the orgy's most chaotic
And boastful climax, I — a wan psychotic
Perturbed by worthless paths — regain my wit,

And recollect that, from my many lovers,
I never was a father, and admit
That I could never call a man a brother.

Другие переводы:

  • Английский
    Евгений Бонвер
    Don Juan
  • Дон Магер
    Don Juan
  • Бартон Раффел, Алла Бураго
    Don Juan
  • Венгерский
    Иштван Бака
    Don Juan
  • Испанский
    Вера Виноградова
    Don Juan
  • Немецкий
    Ирмгард Вилле
    Don Juan
  • Украинский
    Александр Ласкавцев
  • Грузинский
    Василий Гулеури
  • Турецкий
    Атаол Бехрамоглу
    Don Juan

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