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My Hour

Мой час

It’s not dawn yet,
not night, not morning.
A crow under my window,
half awake, lifts one wing,
and in the sky star after star
melts forever.
Now: this is my hour, I can do anything —
my mind can reach through to a helpless enemy
and leap on his chest
like a nightmare lion —
or come to a girl’s bedroom
down corridors only angels know,
and deep in her drowsy memory
cut through oblivion like a beam of light
and burn my face
like a symbol of Beauty.

But the world is quiet, so quiet
that I hear night animals walking
and the owl’s wings
wandering forever in the high air.

And somewhere the ocean’s dancing,
and there’s a white mist above it
like smoke from a sailor’s pipe,
a sailor whose corpse is almost buried in the sand.
This pre-dawn breeze
flows, gay, cruel,
insanely gay — like me,
and as cruel as my fate.
Sharing another’s life: Why should I bother?
Can I drain my own ?
Will even my whole will open
a single stalk, a single stem for me ?

You, sleeping all around me,
you who do not meet day as it comes,
in return for my mercy to you,
my burning my hour alone,
leave tomorrow’s darkness too
for me, alone.

Другие переводы:

  • Литовский
    Гинтарас Патацкас
    Mano valanda
  • Польский
    Збигнев Дмитроча
    Mój czas

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