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The Dark-Blue Star

Синяя звезда

Your tormenting, wonderful,
inevitable beauty
ripped me out of my thin,
miserable, puling life,

And I died. And I saw
a flame no one ever saw
before; my eyes went black, but I saw
a dark-blue star.

A song: soft, then loud, then soft:
body and soul melting:
that was your blood, ringing, speaking,
singing like a lyre.

And I knew a scent sweeter, heavier
with fire than anything on this earth —
a scent sweeter than lilies
in the gardens of Heaven.

And then this earth, this flat earth
came back, out of shimmering, brilliant depths —
you fluttered,
unforeseen, like a wounded bird,

Saying over and over, “I’m suffering.”
— Yes, but what can I do when, at last,
I understand, smiling, that all you are
is a dark-blue star?

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