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The masters` prayer

Молитва мастеров

 I keep in memory the masters` ancient prayer:
Please, Lord, take us away from those who care
If our poor genius` decisions
Blasphemously were searching for new visions.

We can accept a foe who doesn`t fake
But these are wondering of every step we take
They are so glad in struggle they can view us -
While Peter swears off and hands over Judas.

The only skies of our limits are aware,
Who`ve hidden something, will descendants value.
What we`ll create – there`s hand of God for that,
But what we did, we never will forget.

We raise our hats to faithfullest offenders,
But from the servile claque please Lord defend us.
The smooth reproaches and laudatory clatter
Both to the sacred feeling don`t matter.
How ugly is your henbane that disturbs
The master- there are many better herbs.

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