• :


ҥ үө

һ ҕ.
үө , ,


ҕ ,
ҕҕ -
һ һҥҥ .

ҥ ҕ,
өү үөү .

үүҥ ҕ,
һ һ, өүү ,
үҕ һ,
, ү
, һ .
— үү ҕ
ү , ү һ ү
үүө үүү

ҥ ,
ҥ үө
өө өүү ,
ү өү
үүүү өүү.

ҕ ,
үү , ,
ү ҥҥ

- ҥһ
үө ҕ
ү ү өөү.

өүү ,
ҕ ,

һ үҥүүүүү,
үүү .

Өү өөөү ,
ҕ ...
Өүө? һ


My Thoughts

Why did they come to me my thoughts together? / Like thieves at night in gloomy dusk of suburbs, / Like kites they grim and sinister, they whether / are here for the vengeance fierce and savage? / / The hope has left, the dreams have fleed forever, / My eyes have opened in a great excit...

In the skies

Days have flashed in the golden inflame, / And she-bear was fleeing at night, / Overtake her, prince, overtake, / Lasso her, to the saddle her try. / / Lasso her, to the saddle her try / To strap, in the blue tower at home / Point out at she-bear-night / To your giant Herculean dog....


Out at sea, at noon, / sparks dance and the sun glows, / and the bird that's flown too far / sobs with speechless eyes. / / The green sea lured her out, / covered her eyes with mist, / and now she must fly and fly / to the end, high over the silent sea. / / Whimsical whirlwinds...

The Rat

The icon candle flickers, small, / the half-dark nursery is horribly quiet. / The frightened child / hides in the pink lace bed. / / What's that? The house spirit coughing? / He lives there, he's little, he's bald... / Agh! A vicious rat creeps slowly / from behind the wardrobe. / ...

The Choice

He who builds the tower will fall. / He will fall straight down, terribly, / and at the deep bottom of the world's well / he will curse himself for his madness. / / He who pulls the tower down will be crushed, / flattened by stone shards; / and left to lie there, by All-Seeing God, / ...

Beyond the Grave

There's a secret cavern, deep in the earth, / filled with stately tombs, / Lucifer's fiery dreams. / Beautiful whores slink between them. / / Whether you die proud or ashamed / a gloomy old man, a bony old man, / a boring, sluggish workman - Death - / will come and stare at you impe...