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ҳ-ҳ ә ҩ ,
ҳә, ҵәқә әә!
ҧ ҧ ,
Ҳ ҵәәҩ әҧқә ҧә.

ҟ ? ҳәҭқ ҳҭҿ,
, қә ҭ?
, әҭ ӡҭ ӡҿ,
қәҧ ә әҳә .

, -ҭ ,
ҭ ҧ ҿәҭ,
ҳ ?
ҧә ә әҭ?

ҭ ... әҷ-әҷ ,
ӡ- .
ә - ҧ,
ҧ ҵ, ә қәҭ.

ҧ ҵ, ҭ әә,
ҽҭ ҭ -ә.
ҿҳ ҵҟ,
ҧ -.

әә ә ,
ҧә ҿҧ әҩәәҧ.
ҭә ҧ,
ҵә , ӡ .

ә ҭәҭ ,
ҧә ҧ ,
ҭ-ҩҭ ә
ә ҧ ҧҭ .


The Octave

No whisper of a midnight distance, / Nor when a mother sang a tune - / We've never understood an instance, / Which's worth being better understood. / The symbol of the Father's greatness - / A kind of gracious advice - / To you, the Poet, is presented: / Your tongue is tied, your speec...


To M. M. Chichagov / / Like a dog that strains on heavy halter / Rifle yaps across the forest now, / Bee-like, buzzing shrapnel doesn’t falter, / Gathering bright red honey from the bough. / / In the distance, though, "Hurrah" is sounding / Like the reapers’ singing wh...

The tip of willow tree was blackened...

The tip of willow tree was blackened, / For rooks protruded from its crown, / In azure sky-dale there they slackened - / The sheepish clouds grazed on its down. / And you, with gaze of resignation, / Announced: "I am in love with you." / Like sea was grass’s oscillation, / At one...


How thick, how wingless an evening! / A sunset like a cracked melon. / / You almost want to shove / those limp clouds along. / / Slow evenings like this, / coachmen whip their horses to a gallop, / / Fishermen tear at the waves with their oars, / woodsmen chop like mad / / ...

It Wasnt Living

It wasn’t living, I wasted / half my life / - and then, Lord, You came to me / like this, in an impossible dream. / / I see light on Mount Tabor / and my heart hurts / with love for the land and the sea / and the whole tree-dark dream of existence, / / My heart hurts tha...

Did I Murder My Father

Did I murder my father, murder my mother, / in some other life ? / Yes, oh immortal, eternal God, yes! or how / could I deserve this disgrace of suffering? / / I lead a life as peaceful as death, / everything I do belongs to someone else, nothing / to me-except a languid, worthless, /...