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ҳ-ҳ ә ҩ ,
ҳә, ҵәқә әә!
ҧ ҧ ,
Ҳ ҵәәҩ әҧқә ҧә.

ҟ ? ҳәҭқ ҳҭҿ,
, қә ҭ?
, әҭ ӡҭ ӡҿ,
қәҧ ә әҳә .

, -ҭ ,
ҭ ҧ ҿәҭ,
ҳ ?
ҧә ә әҭ?

ҭ ... әҷ-әҷ ,
ӡ- .
ә - ҧ,
ҧ ҵ, ә қәҭ.

ҧ ҵ, ҭ әә,
ҽҭ ҭ -ә.
ҿҳ ҵҟ,
ҧ -.

әә ә ,
ҧә ҿҧ әҩәәҧ.
ҭә ҧ,
ҵә , ӡ .

ә ҭәҭ ,
ҧә ҧ ,
ҭ-ҩҭ ә
ә ҧ ҧҭ .


A Reader of Books

As a reader of books, I yearned to come across / My quite paradise in obedient consciousness. / I loved them all, those strange expanses, / Where there are neither hopes nor memories. / / To swim unflaggingly the streams of lines, / To enter eagerly a channel’s chapters / Watchi...

Flowers dont survive with me...

Flowers don’t survive with me / Their beauty pleases but a moment, / They last a day, or two, and wilt, / Flowers don’t survive with me. / / Indeed no birds survive here, / I rescue them, forlorn and mute, / Next day - small tufts of fluff are left... / Indeed no birds s...

At the Shore

O heart - abundant hive, / Peerless golden honeycomb! / I stagger through surf, and I dive / Through tatters of frothing foam. / / Exhausted, at my trireme helm, / My chest bared to a storm gone mad, / I raced toward my island home / Against the blue-gray thunderhead. / / I ent...

The Slaughter of the Suitors

A lone two horned moon hung above the town / When abruptly the mist was sharply sliced / And Odysseus stood high above the transom / To shoot his arrow through Antinoüs’s chest.* / / A chalice fell from Antinoüs’s hand, / His eyes were swathed in a haze of dark blo...

Odysseus to Laërtes

One still within his lot of years, / O my fate, O sacred one! / I am no wolf, no murderer, / And I honor you, the faithful guardian. / / Your face has furrowed features but / Your mind’s not dull to the whirl of life. / You, Laërtes, father, I salute, / Ruminative in your...


Valentine to the tavern students boasts / Of his sister’s charms and face, / While on Margarita’s left hand / A costly ring is placed. / / At Margarita’s, a casket lies / With rings for fingers and ears. / While in ivy, hid beneath her window, / The red caped trick...