Элейн Русинко (Elaine Rusinko)

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Биография и воспоминания

  • Гумилёв в Лондоне: неизвестное интервью
    Впервые опубликовано: Rusinko E. Gumilev in London: An unknown interview, Russian Literature Triquarterly. 1979. N 16. P. 73-85. Перевод Г. В. Лапиной.
  • Gumilev in London: an unknown interview
    In May of 1917, Gumilev, then a cavalry officer in the Imperial Army, was ordered to the Salonikan front. However, bureaucratic restraints and the uncertainty of Russia's continued participation in the war prevented him from returning to active duty, and for the next year, he remained in western Europe.1 He spent the largest part of the year in Paris (July, 1917 to January, 1918), but on his way to and from France, Gumilev had occasion to pass through London, briefly in June, 1917, and for a more extended stay from January, 1918, until his departure for Russia in April, 1918. 

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