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Stunned by the roaring and tramping,
Enveloped in flames and fumes,
My Africa! The Seraphs in Heaven
Whisper about you.

Having opened your Gospel,
The life story - horrid and wonderful,
They think about the Angel,
Inexperienced - who is, my reckless, your Guardian.

About your deads and your fantasies
And about your animal heart, can you hear?
Listen, you, hanging on the tree of Eurasia
Like a gigantean pear.

Doomed to be yours, I will tell you
About the chiefs - leopard's skins they are wearing -
Who in the gloom of the woods
Lead the hoards of dark warriors - to victory.

About the villages, their old tales,
Idols grinning with evil smiles - that's no love.
And about the lions who stand above
Hitting their ribbs with their tails.

And for this give me a smooth even path
Where man hasn't treaded, I bet.
Give my name to a river that's black and - alas! -
That has not been discover`ed yet.

And the last mercy I'm asking for -
When I leave for the last holy place,
Let me die under the sycamore
Where Mary and Jesus did rest.

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