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How strange. Ten years have passed, exactly ten
Since first I saw the magic Esbekie,
Great garden of Cairo
Lit solemnly by the full Moon that night.

Back then I was exhausted by a woman.
And neither the fresh winds of oceans,
Nor row-de-dow of the exotic bazaars -
Nothing at all could comfort or sonsole me.
And I was praying to the Lord for death
And ready was myself to draw it nearer.

Oh, but that garden!
It was all alike
The sacred grooves of our young world, new-born,
The slender palm trees raising their branches
Like girls
When they see God descending.

And on the hills like the prophetic druids
The lofty sycamores were thronging
And waterfalls were whitinening in the dark
Like unicorns that kick over the traces.

Night butterflies were flying
'mong the flowers
That rose so high or 'mong the stars -
So low they were and looked like mellow barberry.

And, I remember, I exclaimed: "Life is above all grief,
Deeper than death!
Oh, Lord, take my free vow:
Whatever sorrows, humiliation
Fall to my lot, I will not think
About an easy death
Before I step again on the full moon-lit night
Under the palms and sycamors of Esbekie."

How strange - ten years have passed, exactly ten,
But I can't help, but think about the palm-trees,
And sycamores, and waterfalls
That whitened in the gloom like unicorns.
All of a sudden I look around and hear:
The wind is booming, distant speech is buzzing
And in the horried silence of the night
I hear the mysrerious word - Esbekie.

Yes, just ten years, but a sullen wanderer,
Again I have to go, I have to see
The seas, the thunder-clouds and the strangers -
All that can not entice me anymore.
I have to step again into that garden and to repeat my vow
Or say that I have solved it
And now am free...

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