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I am a conquistador in an iron armour...

Я конквистадор в панцире железном…

I am a conquistador in an iron armour,
And joyfully am following а star.
I pass over the gaps and oceans
And rest in blissful orchards - half ajar.

How dimly in the skies the mist is growing
And makes the panorama
                                         starless, wild,
But I believe that I will find my love
I am a conquistador in an iron armour.

And if the afternoons have got no words for stars,
I shall create my dream myself - I am not tired
And cast a loving spell on it
                                            by songs of battle.

I'm an eternal brother to the storms that rattle,
But I shall interweave this star into my martial attire
And cherish it and fondle from afar.

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