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I had a strange dream last night:
I dreamed that 1 was gleaming in the sky,
but that life, a monstrous procuress,
had cast me an unkind fate.
I was suddenly turned into a jaguar
and burned with crazed desires,
in my heart was the flame of a menacing fire,
in my muscles the madness of convulsions.
I stole up to a dwelling place
through the empty twilit field
to catch my midnight prey,
as God has fated me.
But unexpectedly in the dark copse
I saw the tender form of a maiden,
and I remembered her bright earrings,
her doe steps, her glance of a queen.
'The Ghost of Happiness. The White Bride...'
I thought, shuddering and confused,
and she declared: 'Don't move from the spot!'
and her look was peaceful and loving.
I was silent, obedient to her call,
I lay shackled by her signal,
and like a jackal fell prey
to the vicious dogs that hurtled up.
And she walked beyond the woods
with quiet, light steps.
The moon beam circled among her earrings,
the stars talked with pearls.

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