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By the reeds of Ihe languid Nile
where only butterflies and birds fly,
lies hidden the forgotten grave
of a wicked but enchanting empress.
The dark night bears its illusions.
The moon rises like a sinful siren,
whitish mists swirl around
and a hyena steals from a cave.
Its wailing is furious and foul,
its eyes evil and doleful,
its menacing teeth fearsome
over the roseate marble of the grave.
'Look moon, lover of the mad,
look stars, slender apparitions,
and dark Nile, ruler of noiseless waters,
and butterflies, birds and plants.
Let everyone look at my fur standing on end,
my eyes blazing with evil sparks.
Am I not an Empress loo,
like she who sleeps beneath the stones?
Her heart beat, full of treachery,
her arched brows carried death.
She too wras a hyena,
like me she loved the smell of blood.'
Dogs wail in terror in the villages,
small children cry in their homes.
The sullen fellahin reach for
their long, merciless lashes.

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    Дон Магер
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    Иштван Бака

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