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The Workman


He stands before a blazing forge,
A humble, bent and small old man.
His blinking eyelids are burnt red,
His look seems quite obedient.

All his comrades are asleep
Only he has not yet slept:
He works a bullet into shape,
The one that will cut my life short.

Finishing, his eyes light up.
He heads home. The moon shines.
His wife awaits, warm and asleep
In their big bed, for his return.

The bullet cast so well will whine
Above the icy Dvina’s** foam,
The bullet cast so well will find
My breast, indeed for me it comes.

And as I fall my life goes by
For me to see in truth my past,
My blood will flow onto the dry
And dusty, trodden field of grass.

The Lord will rightly be the judge
Of life’s short span of bitterness.
In his gray blouse, the man at the forge
Is the one who made me thus.
* This poem is sometimes said to be prophetic of Gumilev’s murder; for instance, see Akhmatova’s comments in the prose piece “Gumilev” in the second section of this selection.
** There are two Dvina rivers; the Northern Dvina flows north through Russia into the Arctic Sea; the Western Dvina flows north through Belarus and Latvia into the Baltic Sea, which most likely the river Gumilev has in mind here.

Другие переводы:

  • Английский
    Бартон Раффел, Алла Бураго
    A Workman
  • Болгарский
    Бойко Ламбовски
  • Испанский
    Ксения Дьяконова, Хосе Матео
    El obrero
  • Немецкий
    Адриан Ваннер
    Der Arbeiter
  • Ирмгард Вилле
    Der Arbeiter
  • Польский
    Збигнев Дмитроча
  • Сербский
    Томислав Шиовац
  • Французский
    Серж Фошеро
  • Чешский
    Мария Марчанова

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