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Alongside the reeds of the sluggish Nile
Where birds and butterflies flit in the sun,
Lies the forgotten tomb’s rubble
Of a tyrannical and seductive Queen.

The hazy night spreads deceptions,
White wisps of fog shift through the air
The moon is like a guilt-ridden siren,
And a stealthy hyena slinks from its lair.

Its yowling is harsh and furious,
Its eyes are sinister and grim,
With frightful teeth barred in menace,
It crouches on the pink marble tomb.

“Look, moon, lover of all that is mad
Look, stars, fancier of apparitions,
And you, dark Nile, the still water’s lord,
And you too, butterflies, birds and plants,

Look everyone, see my spiky hair
See my cruel eyes’ glassy sparks.
Am I not also a Queen like her
Who lies beneath these ancient stones?

Her heart was brimful with deceit,
Her arched eyebrows signaled death,
Hers like mine was a hyena’s heart
That loved blood-scent with every breath.”

Frightened dogs in the village are howling,
The children sob in the small village houses,
And compulsively the sad fellahin*
Tug out their long eyelashes.
* Similar to a peasant in Europe, a fellah (plural, fellahin or fellaheen, with the accent on the second syllable of each word) is a peasant farmer in the Middle East and North Africa. In Egypt even today about 60% of the population is comprised of fellahin.

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