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Today I saw the strangest dream,
I dreamed I sparkled in the sky:
But life, the grim Madame,
Had cast bad fate my way.

I’d been changed into a jaguar,
I burned with mad desires,
My heart flamed dreadful fire,
My muscles shook and shuddered.

And in a desolate field
I crept to a human house
To catch my midnight food
As god ordained I must.

Abrupt in the dark shadows
I saw a gentle maiden,
Her earrings dangling glowed
With doe-like queenly glance.

“A figment of bliss, the White Bride”...
Trembling and my thoughts confused
“Stop where you are,” she said
With a look full of love and peace.

Silently I obeyed her command,
I lay as if snared by her words;
Like a jackal I was pinned
By voracious dogs set loose.

She entered the shade of a copse
With light silent doe-like steps,
The moon made her earring glow
And stars communed with her pearls.

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