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Me and You

Я и Вы

Yes, I know, we are not together,
From another terrain I’m hewn,
Won’t allow the guitar to tether,
I prefer wild zurna’s tune.

I don’t visit the halls and salons
Where an audience sits in black
I’m reciting my lines to dragons,
Waterfalls and the cloudy stack.

Like an Arab in desert places
Craving water his thirst to slake
Do I love – not knight, who faces
Skywards, watching the stars awake.

Not abed will I reach my dying
With a lawyer and quack beside,
In some crevice shall I be lying
Where by ivy the light’s denied:

I’m not bound for a place of order
Realm of Protestants in the skies,
But where bandit and whore and hoarder
Raise their voices to me: “Arise!”

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