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I`ll be with you until the dawn...

С тобой я буду до зари…

 I’ll be with you until the dawn,
And then I shall depart
To find where tsars have curtain drawn,
Who’ve given stars their heart.

Those tsars are dreaming azure dreams
Enmeshed with sparkling eyes;
They’re where the drowsy skyline’s stream
On marble mountain lies.

The glitter of a seam of gold
Shines through their robes of red,
And in the grey of curls – behold:
Is crown of diamond thread.

Their swords are strewn there all around
Upon the stony way,
And gnomes discreetly stand their ground
And guard them through the day.

But I shall come with my own sword
As no gnome can possess!
With slash and swirl of lightning cord
And storm and flame’s caress!

I’ll find out what they will not tell –
Their lovely secret dreams –
I’ll bind them with short verse as well.
I’ll trap them with words’ schemes.

The day will rush to sunset’s blaze,
To nature I shall pray,
I shall return, retrace my ways,
Through open door I’ll stray.

And dawn together then we’ll see,
When morning comes I’ll leave,
And then for you a gift there’ll be –
The star that I did thieve.

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