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So Adam grew tired of his dancing and song...

Сон Адама

So Adam grew tired of his dancing and song,
By Tree in the Garden he slumbered unknowing.
Above him the stars in the heavens were glowing,
And lilac the shadows o’er meadows did throng,
And sleepy, his spirit above them it hovered,
And all of a sudden by nightmare was bothered.

With sword in his hand, was an angel disclosed,
And Adam and woman were given no pardon,
Propelled by the sword into storm from the garden,
Their shoulders and loins now were naked exposed…
And brutes they became and a hut they now needed,
With sling and a cudgel to hunt they proceeded.

Of labour and sickness abode it became…
He now with companion new joy did discover –
The bliss and the pain of a mother, his lover –
A shovel he took for his tillage to claim.
In serving the Other found challenge and beauty,
A furrow of brow in performance of duty.

And so the new people a scowl wore on face,
Their eyes didn’t shine, and ‘twas seldom their laughter,
The older son, Cain, the wild boar he went after.
And Abel to olives and honey gave chase.
In service of elders were brothers found wanting,
And Abel he angered his brother with flaunting.

And Adam, bewildered, was witness to much:
His soul was near buried by languid elation,
In trustworthy ark did he seek his salvation,
Himself reinvented, with stubborn-stern touch
As ponderous ploughman, and horseman, and fighter…
But God to the bounds of his vineyard held tighter.

He reined in the storm with a bridle and bit,
He harmony sought in his silent reflection,
Through heavens he sliced with a hawk-like direction,
And ore from the lazy earth’s rocks he did split.
In silent obedience in books found a haven
From tunes of the bards and faith’s images graven.

Descended the sylphs to the sorcerous nights
To Adam embrace on the springy green mosses,
And offered their aid to avenge all his losses
Those heavenly messengers, elements’ sprites,
To reef in the sunlight from chasm alarming
His boat was propelled by blue porpoises’ charming.

He loved the diversion of reckless delight –
To quest in the oceans for lands undiscovered,
To tread in the clearings where wolves might have hovered
And into ravine peer from mountainous height,
Where even the goats from the narrow trails tumbled
And stuffy red roses at heavens they grumbled.

He revelled in scraping of chisel on stone,
From marble a block for some statues excising,
The virginal cold of the pinkish sun rising,
The delicate oval of young visage shown
On tightened white canvas as stroked by the sable,
So brightly and radiantly spinning a fable.

He weary became and to sky turned his gaze,
The gaze of a creature, profane and unseeing:
To place where for ever inhabits God’s being,
Above him the canopy’s glitter ablaze.
And every night holy, with new sense of duty
He peacefully knelt to reflect on God’s beauty.

And always he waited for thoughts that were fresh
To pay him a visit from rosy-tinged distance,
And with them, likes stars, new sorrows’ insistence
On passions and thoughts yet unknown to his flesh,
His failures in dreaming, creative mind’s terror,
Foreboding, the sense of his horrible error.

And Eve, who was gentle, but toy of the gods,
One moment a child, and then flashing like lightning,
A tigress became, and to Adam was frightening,
Her glittering pearls they so shortened his odds,
Storms’ harbinger was, and of blood, and of passion,
Who offered despair in prohibited ration.

So gold did appeal and was pleasing to eyes,
But forces of evil in gold they were hiding,
The hand of blasphemer their conduct was guiding,
And tincture of venom they took for a prize.
Not sating their lust, they derided and taunted,
By bloodthirsty moaning and screaming were haunted.

He struggled with her, and was sly as the snake,
Entangled her then in his webs of temptation.
Behold, here is Eve, who has strumpet’s vocation,
Behold, here is Eve, see her holy eyes’ ache,
Of moon and of earth at the same time the maiden
But everywhere, always, an alien, an alien.

And endlessly tired did at last he become,
Without a good reason he laughed and lamented;
And flocking like swans were the centuries demented,
They played and they sang, but he heard not their hum;
From marble escarpment was calmly surveying
To goddess of weary one, death, he was praying.

“O Blessèd One, hear of heart’s terrible need:
On steppes of horizon and boundless earth’s ocean,
On sorrowing glow of my heart’s dull emotion
Pour deadly effusion in mercy I plead.
Enough of this struggle with madness’s thrashes,
From ashes I came, and return I’ll to ashes!”

And slowly at first in a purple-tailed chain
Then rapidly earthwards descended blue comet.
And Adam was frightened – it caused him to vomit,
Incessantly thundered, it tore at his brain.
A fiery tornado in front of him sprouted
Awake of a sudden, he trembled and shouted.

The Tigris was glinting and foaming to right,
And emerald Euphrates to left did it glimmer.
The valley embraced with its silvery shimmer,
And shady, the shallows enticed his delight,
And from the spring garden, Eve called: “You were very
Asleep, but you’ve wakened, I’m merry, I’m merry!”

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