• :

әҭ ҿҧ

... әә ҭ,
ҵәӡ, әҵҧ ҧқә,

, ҧ ,
ҿ -, әҭ ҳә:

«әқә ӡ-, ә ,
Ҧҩә- , .

әҭҟӡ қә, қә ,
ә қққә , ә ҧ.

Ҳҧ ҵ, ҭҧҿ ҳә,
қә ә, ә ҳҳ.

ҭҳҵ , қә ,
ә, , қә .

ҳ ҳ, ҵ ә ә,
Ҳ ә, ҧҭҵәҟ ҧ.

Ҧӡ ҿ , әәӡ ,
Ӡ ҿ ӡ .

Ӡ- ҳҭҿ ә-ҭ,
ҭ ҭ әә ҭ.

Ҧӡ ә , әӡ әҭ,
әә ә, ҭ.

ҭ , ҭ ә, —
ҧ-ҭ ҟ ҳҭә.

әқәҧ, әқ
ә , ҳәҷ, ә...»

қә ҧ ҵәә,
ә ҳ, ҧҳә ҭә.


Me and You

Yes, I know, we are not together, / From another terrain I’m hewn, / Won’t allow the guitar to tether, / I prefer wild zurna’s tune. / / I don’t visit the halls and salons / Where an audience sits in black / I’m reciting my lines to dragons, / Waterfall...

The Return

To Anna Akhmatova / / With all asleep I from the house departed, / In bushes by the ditch was guide concealed. / Perhaps when morning came a search you started, / You were too late, for we were in the field. / / My guide was sallow, skeletal, bent over, / Oh, how I loved him - I wa...

The Leopard

If the whiskers of a slain leopard are not promptly singed, / its spirit will pursue the hunter. / Abyssinian proverb / By some sorcerous divination, / In the silence of deaf nights, / Leopard, killed by me, leaves station, / Bold, explores my room’s delights. / / Folk are c...

No, there has been no transformation...

No, there has been no transformation / Of nature, poor and unalloyed, / But only bright illumination / With untold beauty fills the void. / / And so it’s probably quite certain / Hangs human flesh on fraying cord, / When cry from darkness rents the curtain, / In judgement&rsqu...


Fragile, pallid, dressed in ashen vesture, / You appeared with kindness in your eyes. / Quite unlike your previous meeting’s gesture - / Howling trump and slashing rapier’s cries. / / Overcome with gold’s intoxication, / Bared you thus your scintillating breast. / T...

To river`s edge they made their way...

To river's edge they made their way / To see the sunset glowing stronger. / But now their hair was growing grey, / Their wingless hearts could fly no longer. / The endless years had passed them by, / Those years of grief and desolation, / When neither scarlet evening sky / Nor starry n...