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And the king declared to his general, "Mighty one,
you're as tall as an elephant in our forests,
but not as tall as the triumphant heap
of heads you've cut off.

"And your courage, O well-tested warrior,
is endless, but so is my kindness.
Observe the sun above the sea: go! You deserve
to serve my golden father."

Drums pounded, tambourines clicked,
people wailed,
Amazon soldiers moaned long songs, and blowing horns
rolled out across the sea.

Silently the general bowed
to the king, leaped from the cliff, down to the whirling
water, and drowned in water but seemed
to drown in the gold glow of the setting sun.

Drums deafened him, howling deafened him,
salt spray blinded him,
and he was gone. And the king's face shone
like a black sun in hell.

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    Иштван Бака

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