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Beyond the Grave

За гробом

There's a secret cavern, deep in the earth,
filled with stately tombs,
Lucifer's fiery dreams.
Beautiful whores slink between them.

Whether you die proud or ashamed
a gloomy old man, a bony old man,
a boring, sluggish workman — Death —
will come and stare at you imperiously.

He'll carry you down corridors,
he'll carry you from tower to tower.
Your eyes glassy, bulging, you'll understand
that this is the way the dream unfolds.

And then, dropped into your tomb,
you'll start to dream of heaven's temple,
and you'll suddenly see
a whore with pearly-sharp teeth.

How sweetly she'll press you to her,
kissing you with infinite spite.
You can't move. You can't scream.
That's all there is. Forever and forever.

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