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The games


Council's kind, on a bloody arena
for the third day the games are not over,
and completely got crazy hyenas,
breathe with ancient spite anacondas.

And the elephants, bears and tigers
drunk of blood, battlers ready for sparrings,
bull is strong and experienced fighter -
hardly Rome ever that's been admiring.

Only then to them given the captive
was, the wounded chief Alamannen,
exorcist of the whirlwinds deceptive,
and the killer with eyes of a lion.

So we wanted this hour to happen!
For the battle we waited, he's hardy!
Get his body you, animals, taken!
Have his flesh torn in meaty and bloody.

Pulling over to oaky railing,
howled he being so peaceful and frowning,
in response all the animals blaring
were consonant well with his calling.

Outspread anacondas docilely,
knelled the elephants full of submission,
waiting for his command in dust lying,
Bloody trunk raised dependently hissing.

Council, council, eternal almighties,
We have not seen this yet downtown!
Tongued because hungry vicious tigers
Wizard's legs dust-filled groveling down.

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