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In corridors dead-locked and halls like the deserts
Hilarious masks today gathered together,
With flowers the chambers entwined and the closets
Wild dances have stormed like the autumnal weather.

The Moons with the dragons have wandered embracing,
The vases Chinese trashed about between them,
The torch was aflame and the lute that was playing
Repeated the same inexplicable first name.

Mazurka's impetuous call resonated,
I danced with a lady of pleasure of Sodom,
I laughed of a fun, and was sad of a sadness,
And something familiar was for me most of.

Appealed for a girlfriend I: Mask, please remove it!
Can it be that you have failed me recognizing?
An ancient tale me reminded that fury,
I've heard of that tale, which for me was amazing.

Eternally strange you'll remain for the others,
And only for me you are endlessly friendly,
Believe me, I'll keep it from masks and from humans
The princes of Sodom, I know you so badly.

I've heard her laughter so young and so crazy
But eyes her met not my eyes under cover,
The Moons with the dragons have wandered embracing,
Between them, the vases Chinese trashed about.

And all of a sudden, like thread but an empty,
The dark face of night, in a window was passing,
She slipped from me slightly and scary snaky
And looked in my eyes when she was undisguising.

Reminiscent I was, and I recollected
The same songs, the same shiver of lust and passion,
And tenderly: "Rise!" - to me insinuated -
"Arise for the life and the fortune, new fashion!"

I got revelation in intimate moment,
But I'll keep my terrible vow confidential,
My princes, my princes, and I am your bondman,
You may take my body and soul for pleasure.

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