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We are handsome, we are mighty…

Сказка о королях

We are handsome, we are mighty,
Kings of Kingdoms full of youth,
Like the clouds we are flying
Over mirages and truth.

As a start, we'll raise a temple,
In eternal dance and song,
Let us take a heady purple
In the windows at a dawn.

Windows in irradiation
and eternity, divine
River coming to equation
And Nightmare with its crown.

Let the pins of blackthorn rankle
Our forehead in the blood,
But the sunset warmed the heir
and the curls of our life.

In the dark, obscure, mirky
Night, don't torture carnal heart,
Golden, thunderous or silky
Be at home among the clouds.


One in love in songs of Kingdom
And the happiness of Sun
So said in his light and wisdom,
Effulgent as said above.

As a prophet, he delivered
words of comfort to one's heart,
But the chambers laughed at weird,
At him crazy they have laughed.

Dusk of chambers was there mocking,
Pale and grey, and moody twilight,
But the other raised his voice,
Royal voice deep and bright.

His hot-blooded voice was torrid,
In his eyes there were daydreams,
he was affluent and spoiled,
Full of power as the high seas.

That the tissues Hindustani
Comprehensive not of patterns,
Intemperance of desires,
Eyes unknown, what there happens.

Lotus pale under the Moon light,
In the misty, boggy cover,
Breathes mystery and us like
In the same white muddy color.

In the madness of the temples,
Something new is heard as whisper,
Life is fortune free, not ample,
Sorrowless, uneasy, twisted.

Who will know where languor happens
Outside his own limits,
When the princes counts seconds
Waiting for sore kissing minutes.


A grim horsemen came rushing on his black strong horse,
In a cloak he was muffled of velvet and fur
His gaze horrible city in fire like was,
As a lightning at nigh it was brilliant there.

As the serpents his curls waved themselves on his back,
As a song of the fire and earth was his voice,
He's descanted the Ballad and taken aback
The young Kings who attentively heeded to words.


Strong five horses presented to me Lucifer,
And a ruby-stone golden and beautiful ring,
That I have seen the depth of the underground caves
and adolescent face of the valleys in spring.

I was given a wine, which was fire in stream
By the mountainous fairy, the masterful gnome,
And I saw that the Sun rose exactly for me,
Shining brightly like ring with that marvelous stone.

Understood I delight of the creatural days,
And efflorescent hymn of the global Druid,
I was laughing at horses so eager to race,
At the play of my golden with ruby-stone ring.

In the heights of the mind, there's madness and snow...
And the blue skies have burned my delight to the core,
To reach heights of my mind, I have given a blow
To the horses of mine, and I saw wary girl.

Her voice was soft trepidation of string,
Her gazes have mixed her quests and reports,
So I gave her that ruby-stone wonderful ring
For the wrong shade of her braid in watery flow.

Mocking, laughing at me, holding me in disdain,
Lucifer put a half-light on me and my eyes,
And I got the sixth horse from my eminent friend,
The Despair was name for the horse that got I.


Painful voice in a sadness
As the song of hill and earth
in the columned hall of highness,
With the Kings standing depressed.

And the cold and marble collumns
Standing still; their shade on eyes
Of the Kings whose parade follows
in twinkling gloomy fires.

But they sceamed it all together
In release of their breast:
"Our way to fancy lady
Is for us the only best."

"Full of liquids our bowls,
Let us emplty them at once,
Maid of peace will become ours,
This is our only chance!

We'll reveal the lucky volume
From the grey and deathly mantle,
And perspectives we are loving
will be be truth of dreams narrating.

We are taking way of ours,
Steady way to everything
Or to nothing, swords and fires
will get truth by every means.

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