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Unperturbed and indifferent sun contemplated the planet…

Одиноко-незрячее солнце смотрело на страны...

Unperturbed and indifferent sun contemplated the planet
There all was infested with terror and eaten by rot,
There rocks in the distance appeared a huge shaggy dog,
There black boiling copper spewed out collapsing volcanoes.
Was the night of the world.
Unexpectedly rolled in the sky a nefarious shade,
And the comets that hunted like wolves, menacing and brutal,
And collided together, teeth bared and dripping raw fuel,
Spun around and nervously howled saluting the day.
Was the fearful waiting.
In a crown of thorns, and her forehead bejewelled with blood,
Came a girl, thin and tenderly pale in blue light of the morrow,
And the wasteland of earth with a silverblade plough she cut.
She was given a name by the cast of the planets: The Sorrow.
And this was the Redemption.

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