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The ship


«What d' you see in my eyes, slightly sparkling,
In my look, hazed with opaque mist?»
«There I saw the sea's deepest darkness
With a big sunken beautiful ship.

That fine ship… More glorious and braver
None had seen over deep of the sea.
Its high masts under windbreath were swaying
And the water was trembling in stream.

And strange fish, floating over the foam,
Would forsake hidden lands under waves,
And the oceanic air would flow
With the bodies of emerald scales.

You have been far away on a cliff,
And your voice call them, clear and light;
In the last merry sailor you've lit
Flaming wishes that burnt down his mind.

Oh, what for your arms, slim and charming,
Like two pearl blades, have cut through the night,
Just like birds with a song of the parting,
Like your dreams in the impetuous flight.

And no one of the living will know
As they fight for the life, lost in blue
Abyss, where the ship found the home
With the man who was striving for you.

But a man who is near you, my Lady,
He is alone who remembers that ship,
And its blue tomb is hid'n in your shady
And mysterious eyes, vaguely deep».

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