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Remember the palace of giants…

Ты помнишь дворец великанов...

Remember the palace of giants,
The pool, full of silvery fish,
Alleys of planes, the highest,
And keeps made of huge stone bricks;

As my golden horse at the towers
Was prancing, so proud and strong,
And gems decorated his harness
In patterns of delicate work.

Remember, at border of heavens
We found a hidden cornice,
Where stars, like a handful of berries,
Were raining and burnt underneath.

And now, say me, please, don't disclaim it:
We've changed long ago, it seems.
We may be both stronger and braver,
But completely alien to dreams.

Your arms are so slender as carving,
We have such the beautiful names,
But deadly and weary yearning
Possesses our souls for ages.

But we are remembering so far
Though might leave behind and deny
The time we kept love in the heart,
When we had been able to fly.

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