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Adonis with his moony beauty...

Grecian heights are still missing
Adonis with his moony beauty avowed,
Graceful Hуаcinth and Narcissus,
Danaë, a golden cloud.

Strong waves of iambic seas,
Wandering flocks of cranes,
And the palm tree Odysseus
Told Nauasicaa about are in pain.

Neither sultry curls, nor glance with incentive,
Nor petals of eager lips, nor blood,
Throbbing solemnly and attractively,
Can make sad world bud.

Life is murmuring lies, Death is true.
O thee, my dear, whose name is a chant,
Whose body is music and who
Is going away heartlessly.

Alas, I don't know such words —
Earthquakes, thunders, waterfalls,
That you could be alive after death
Like Hellas lads and girls.