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  • Modern Russian Poetry. 1967

My Readers

Мои читатели

The old vagabond in Addis Ababa,
Who conquered many tribes,
Sent me one of his black lancers
Greeting me with my own poetry.
A lieutenant, who used to lead gunboats
Under enemy fire,
Recited my poems to me all through the night
Upon the southern sea.
A man, who midst a crowd had shot
The Emperor’s ambassador,
Came up to shake my hand,
To thank me for ray verse.

Many of them — strong, wicked and gay —
Who killed elephants and people,
Who died of thirst in the desert,
Who froze on a polar ice-floe,
Loyal to our planet (Strong, gay and wicked),
Carry my books in a saddlebag,
Read them in groves of palm trees
And abandon them with the ship.

I don’t offend them with hypertensions,
Or humiliate them with too much heart.
Don’t bug them with vital allusions
To the contents of an empty shell.
But when bullets whistle by,
When waves break the sides of the ship,
I teach them not to fear,
Not to fear and to do their job.
And when a woman with a beautiful face,
The only dear face in the world,
Says, ‘I don’t love you’,
I teach them to smile,
To leave her and never go back.

And when the last hour comes,
When the red, even mist films their eyes,
I will teach them to recall quickly
Their entire pleasant-cruel life
And all their own, strange earth...
And when standing before God’s face
To await calmly His Judgement
With simple, wise words.

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